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It’s a few weeks into January, and with the end of the holiday period comes the refresh, refocus and revisit of personal goals and aspirations for the new year. There’s nothing quite as compelling as the idea of starting the new year with a blank slate- a chance to hit the reset button and start afresh.  


It seems a bit silly to allocate yourself a specific time limit to create drastic change. So this year instead of pledging to change ourselves entirelywe’ve decided to focus on five of the little ways we can make a difference to our living habits each and every day. 


  1. Add more fruits and vegetables to each meal 

You’ve probably heard the concept that when it comes to a balanced diet, the more colour the better! Eating a broad variety of colourful foods helps to ensure that your body receives all of the vitamins and nutrients it needs across a range of different fruit and veggies.  


  1. Add essential oils to your beauty regime 

Not only can the addition of essential oils help to soothe and hydrate your skin, but each different oil can also have its own unique health benefit. For example, peppermint has been shown to boost energy and aid digestion, while lavender can help relieve stress and assist with poor sleep.  


  1. Drink more water!  

This is a popular one for a good reason. Staying hydrated has a multitude of health benefits and can increase energy, flush out toxins and boost your immunity. If drinking water is difficult, try infusing it with your favourite fruits to give it a bit of flavour.  


  1. Focus on self-care 

Try and take ten minutes out of your day to relax. Meditating is a great way to help control stress and regain perspective.  


  1. Be active daily 

If you’re finding it difficult to stick to a rigid gym routine, aim smaller and simply make an effort to walk more throughout the day. Just 30 minutes of daily activity is proven to help prevent disease.  


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