Sometimes it seems like there are women who roll out of bed and look beautiful. It’s as if it comes naturally to them. In reality, it takes dedication to look “naturally” beautiful. You don’t need to make big changes or do anything drastic to improve the way you look and feel; all it takes is keeping up with some simple tasks. Here are some habits you can take up to enhance your beauty routine.

Remove all of your makeup

Take some time before bed and take off all of your makeup. This means taking off blush, lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara. Don’t leave anything on. Makeup covers up your pores, and when you’re sleeping your pores can’t open up and repair any damage that occurred during the day. This can leave you susceptible to blemishes and inconsistent skin tone. Plus, you won’t wake up with nasty gunk in your eyes. Use some cold cream or makeup remover to get the job done.

Use a humidifier

Turning on a humidifier while you sleep is a great way to keep your skin hydrated. In the winter, this can soothe dry and cracked skin, and issues like psoriasis and eczema. Keeping up this habit will make your skin plump and moist, which makes it resistant to allergens and other things that irritate your skin. Keeping this habit could mean that you don’t have to wear moisturiser at all during the day. To increase the benefits, try using a barrier repair moisturiser in conjunction with the humidifier.

Pin your hair back

Hair can attract all sorts of oil, dirt, bacteria, and irritants that can cause havoc to your face. Loose hair can rest directly on your skin, leaving you prone to breakouts and other blemishes. Brush your hair and put it in a braid before you lie down. That way it won’t get knotted and tangled while you sleep.

Get 8 hours of sleep

The old saying says you need to get your beauty sleep. This sentiment is exactly correct. When you sleep your skin cells repair themselves and rejuvenate. A lack of sleep can cause all sorts of unsightly issues, like bags under your eyes, wrinkles, and lines. Not to mention, the day after you get a bad sleep your skin can look pale and clammy because your circulation is impaired from not sleeping. So put down that last cup of coffee, turn off your television, and turn in early. Your face will thank you.


While doing yoga or regular stretching is certainly good for your physical health, it can also help with your beauty as well. Doing yoga regularly has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. How is this important for your beauty? Stress can cause a decrease in your circulation, which, as mentioned, can lead to skin issues. Plus, stress and anxiety can cause you to lose sleep – another pillar of beauty. Yoga can also help with weight loss, toning up and increasing your energy.


You don’t need to train for a marathon or attend the local cross-fit gym. Simply doing 20-30 minutes of brisk walking can do wonders for weight loss and energy. It helps strengthen your bones as well, which helps improve your posture. Even just a few times a week can do wonders.

Hand cream

Get your hands looking great with a thick and greasy hand cream every night. Since your hands get dried out throughout the day, moisturising them will help with cracked and dry nails and cuticles. This will allow your nails to grow stronger and prevent cracks and breaks.

Brush your teeth

Hopefully you’re already in a routine of brushing your teeth, but you may be going about it all wrong. First off, brushing your teeth regularly can help prevent infections and damage to your teeth. Besides being unsightly, these can cause health problems as well. Make sure you are brushing your teeth for at least two minutes at a time with a soft brush. Don’t scrub rapidly side to side, as that can cause your gums to recede. Gently push away from the gums, which will keep them looking healthy and pink while still cleaning those pearly whites. Try to brush after every meal, but at the very least do it twice a day. Bonus benefit: avoiding nasty breath!

So there you have it, eight habits that you can follow to keep yourself looking beautiful. It doesn’t take that much time out of your day to get great results. All it takes is a few consistent changes in your daily routine to get yourself looking and feeling great. We promise it’ll be well worth it.

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Rebecca Factor

Rebecca Factor

Having worked as a Makeup Artist for Australian personalities, numerous Fashion Week and international brands like YSL, NARS and Mecca Cosmetica, Rebecca has all the insider beauty tips to spill. She lives by the ethos that true beauty comes from healthy skin, good sleep, lots of H20… and a great set of makeup brushes! Delve into this and more as Rebecca combines her beauty knowledge and communication skills as part of the Marketing team at