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The holiday season can be busy and fun, catching up with family and friends but it is also a good opportunity to take some time out and relax.  Once the official holiday days have passed, make sure you allocate some dedicated “me” time. 

Here are some tips to help you out.  

Take things easy 

Spend the days between Christmas and New Year relaxing either on holidays or at home.  If you are staying at home, look into some fun things to do locally that you wouldn’t normally do – have a picnic in a local park, try a new café, wander around the local botanical gardens and give yourself some time to recharge.  If you are on holiday, as well as sightseeing, beaching and doing tourist things, set some time aside to do nothing, clear your mind, read a book or some meditation. 

Make time to go outside 

Get outside and get moving! There are plenty of activities you can do – bushwalking, bike riding, a walk along the beach.  Fresh air and sunshine can do wonders to help relieve the tension that can build up at this time of year.  Whether it is earlier in the morning or later in the evening, make sure you spend some time outdoors. 

Schedule a pampering day just for yourself 

When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of relaxation or pampering? If it has been a while, why not treat yourself? has a list of experiences from yoga to massage to help you in your search.   

Whether it is a pamper session, a leisurely walk of just relaxing at home, make sure you use this time to for you to recharge and prepare for the new year ahead. 

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