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5 Ways to Spend Global Wellness Day

Wellness is a term we hear a lot these days, but what exactly does it mean? The general consensus seems to be that wellness is a holistic measure of our overall health and wellbeing, encompassing not only our freedom from illness and disease, but our spiritual and emotional health as well. And our search for […]

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7 Positive Habits From Being Mindful (And What You Can Do To Cultivate Them)

Spa and Wellness - Mindfulness

Mindfulness is often thought of as a New Age concept, but the truth is, mindfulness has existed for thousands of years as part of the Buddhist tradition of sati, and may perhaps be even older than that. It sounds like a complicated process, but mindfulness really just involves living in the moment, being fully aware […]

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6 Reasons the Man in Your Life Will Love a Pampering Gift

Looking for the perfect pampering gift? Your man can use a Spa & Wellness Gift Card at participating outlets across Australia. Buy yours here. Purchasing a gift for a male friend or loved one in your life can be a tricky business. What do you buy for the man that has it all, or the […]

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Christmas Gifts for Every Type of Girl

It’s that time of year again when you need to get started on your Christmas shopping, so what are you going to buy for the ladies in your life? Luckily, whether it’s your daughter, partner, friend, or colleague, there’s something that will make a great gift for every type of woman out there. By paying […]

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What Mums Really Want for Christmas

Christmas time for most means holidays, quality time spent with friends and family, summer and relaxation. However there is one member of the family for which Christmas time can be a little stressful – and that is our mums. Mums are known for multitasking; juggling family members, activities and their jobs all at the same […]

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Why You Should Gift Experiences, Not Things

The odds are that as we come up to one of the big gift giving seasons, you’re stumped for ideas on exactly what to get some of your friends and family. The build up to the holiday season is usually accompanied by some wracking of brains, drumming of fingers, and the endless question of what […]

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