Beauty Tips & Tricks to Help You Get Prepped for the Races

The races are getting closer and closer which is why people are starting to get into the Cup Day mode. It’s an occasion to shop, eat amazing food, and of course, look your best. So, how do you get your look up to Cup standard? Well, here are some tips to get you where you […]

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Get ready for Summer with these top 5 beauty tips

Summer is officially here! Before you start planning beach trips and eternally bathing in the sunshine, it’s important to set a few guidelines to maintain healthy and radiant skin. The summer heat can have an extremely negative impact on your skin, leading to dark spots, pigmentation and wrinkles. We have our top 10 summer tips […]

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Fascinators, Frocks and Facials

4 Simple Steps to be Spring Racing Ready    It’s arguably one of the most glamorous season of the year – where fashion meets style. We know the tracks are for springtime frocks and fascinators, but it is important to note that your outfit wouldn’t be complete with healthy skin that looks flawless during the […]

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5 DIY Facial Treatments for Any Skin Concern

We all have skin problems at some point – the only difference being the skin type. The facial that works for your best friend may not be as suitable for you. So, depending on your complexion, here are the treatments that you might want to try out: Carrot and Coconut Mask: Make a puree out […]

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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

The weather is constantly changing – which means that your skin will also have some needs of its own. To make sure that you are still looking fabulous for the coming summer months, you might want to tweak your beauty routine a bit. Check the Expiration Date: Yes, beauty products have expiration dates. Using something […]

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Five facial treatments for any skin concerns

When it comes to facial treatments, many are overwhelmed with the endless options. Where do you begin, you wonder. With the endless menu of facials available, do you let the therapist take over and treat your skin with foreign ingredients or do you just choose a random treatment hoping it rejuvenate your skin. (more…)

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Introducing our new look and feel and partnership with Ella Baché has a new look and some exciting changes. Available in digital and physical format, it is the best choice you can make in gifting spa and beauty. Our new partnership with Ella Baché You can now use your gift card at participating Ella Bache salons. Ella Baché provides personalised skincare, expert solutions to […]

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9 Beauty Treatments to Have Before You Say I Do

Every bride aims to look her absolute best on her wedding day. Navigating through all the different beauty treatments available and knowing when to do what can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled the top beauty preparation ideas to help you prioritise some time for yourself and get ready for the big day. (more…)

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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Winter

During the winter months, our skin can really suffer. As the air becomes cooler, it dries out, draining the moisture from our skin. Itchy, red and flakey skin can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but fortunately, there are many ways to protect your skin and keep it hydrated and smooth throughout the winter months and into […]

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Meal Planning for Healthy Weekday Work Lunches

With high calorie snacks hovering around every corner, sometimes it feels like a successful day in the office can be measured by whether you make it through the day without eating some type of unhealthy snack, from chips and biscuits to the frequent birthday cakes. But given you spend most of your time at work, […]

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