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The Perfect Gift for Her this Christmas

Finding the perfect Christmas present for your wife, girlfriend, mum or sister is never an easy task.   Very few special gifts can come close to an experience, and what better experience for that special person than a trip to one of SPA’s speciality locations around Australia.  Giving an experience gift card is not a momentary transaction like a tangible …

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Keep Calm This Busy Season 

As the holiday season approaches, it is easy to get stressed by the sheer number of events and catch-ups the warmer weather brings.  It is also easy to feel overwhelmed with everything happening around you, there is just so much to get done and not enough time to do it.   So why not try something new this year …

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Gift Guide Edition

When looking for that perfect gift for that special someone, very few gifts can come close to an experience. And what better experience to have than to be pampered in one of SPA’s locations or dining at one of Australia’s most awarded restaurants. Gift Cards This might seem logical, but many of us purchase gifts …

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Get Fit for Summer

As soon as the warmer weather settles in, we feel the need to get back in shape. But whilst the later months of the year motivate us to get fit, the question still remains, how exactly do you do that? Well to help you on your journey to getting in Summer shape, here are some … - How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Winter (2)
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Go Short This Summer

Summer is definitely the perfect time for a fresh new look. With the hotter temperature only weeks away, what better way to show off your end of year look than with a shorter cut. Not only does a shorter, more stylish cut make you feel like an entirely different person, it’s a great way to … - How to Keep Your Skin Healthy in Winter (4)
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Water, Water and Water…Benefits of Drinking Water

We have all been told that drinking enough water is important, but do you actually know why? Your body is made up of 60% water, and every system in your body is dependent on your water intake levels.  Therefore, it is so important to consume 8 glasses of water a day, so remember to take your water bottle …

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Top 3 Things To Protect Your Skin This Winter

Protecting your skin through the coldest months of the year is important in keeping that moisturised and youthful appearance.  But as the cold sets in, so do our winter habits. We start to the turn the heat up in the house, take extra-long showers and let’s be honest, our food intake probably isn’t the healthiest.   So let’s go through the top …

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Take time for yourself this school holidays

As the school holidays are approaching, the fear of entertaining the children 24/7 can be exhausting. Two weeks can feel like two months sometimes. But we like to think, the school holidays are a great opportunity to take that time out for yourself. Whether it’s a weekend away or a half an hour – time away from the family …

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Spa Treatments Fit for a Queen

Queens should experience the most luxurious spa treatments on offer, and deserve time to relax and unwind. We all know someone that deserves a relaxing spa treatment, whether that be your mum or your best friend, we all have a someone in mind that works hard and deserves some “me” time.  The best way to spoil these queens is by gifting …