Winter, let’s walk through it. Cold, wet, windy, dry skin, frizzy hair, it can be a nightmare for personal care. 

So, instead of locking ourselves away for three months of year, we want you to wear winter like a badge by visiting these locations to escape the cold and revitalise your winter skin. 

Face of Man Sydney 

Let’s start with one for the blokes! It’s not often I get to write about SPA’s for guys, but this one is perfect for the man that looks after his winter skin so he can look good all year round. 

With a history that dates back 40 years, Face of Man is Australia’s first ever male grooming lounge and SPA. 

Based in the middle of Sydney city, Face of Man custom built premise is inspired by the classic style of an early 20thcentury gentleman’s cigar lounge.  

This styling reflects their time-honoured service with an “old world” influence, enhanced with contemporary treatments and technology. Guys, this one is not to be missed this winter! 

Chanoyu Urban Retreat Melbourne 

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and be transported to those hidden laneways of Kyoto, where you will discover a hidden piece of Japan.  

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? No we’re not asking you to go to Japan, Chanoyu is located in Collingwood, only a short 10 min uber out of Melbourne City. 

Chanoyu is inspired by the traditional tea ceremony ritual which involves being mindful, respectful and welcoming.  You will relax in the traditional Japanese Ryokan room style, inspired by Onsen and traditional hot spring spas where you will be treated by their highly trained therapists. 

Chanoyu is a wonderful way to not just shake of the winter chills but to transport yourself into another time and place. Put this one at the top of your winter bucket list. 

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