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Purchasing a gift for a male friend or loved one in your life can be a tricky business. What do you buy for the man that has it all, or the man who simply “doesn’t want anything”? We know exactly what you need to get him – the gift of pampering! Some much-deserved TLC is a great alternative to traditional gifts, and who really wants another pair of socks, bottle of cologne, or set of cuff links? Understandably, you may be hesitant to treat your man with a day at the spa, for fear he may feel his masculinity is under threat. But we’ve got six reasons why you should leave those fears behind – a few hours of pampering is the perfect gift for any guy this Christmas!

1. Men crave relaxation too

After working hard all week, we all love nothing better than to come home and relax in the evenings or on the weekend. Relaxation for men doesn’t always have to mean kicking back watching sports on television. To help a man really relax, treat him to some intensive luxury and a day at the spa. A spa treatment or pampering gift encourages some much deserved ‘me-time’, in a different and more relaxing setting than your man might be used to.

2. Banish aches & pains

Does the man in your life complain about experiencing aches and pains? “My feet are sore”, “My back is aching”, “My shoulders feel heavy” – sound familiar? Any man would welcome the opportunity to have their aching feet rubbed and the pressure released from their sore back and shoulders. (Plus it saves you having to rub his over-worked feet!)

3.    Magnificent mood booster

If you want to cheer a male loved one up, a pampering gift will provide the ultimate mood booster. Pampering at a day spa is the ultimate way to de-stress and encourage the release of endorphins (rather than over-indulging in a significant amount of chocolate). A spa treatment is sure to leave any man feeling like he’s on cloud nine! It’s the ultimate pick-me-up, sure to leave your man wanting to indulge in pampering and spa treatments a lot more often. Even if he’s apprehensive at first at the prospect of visiting a spa, you’ll certainly see a major switch in his mood after he’s actually experienced his pampering session.

4.    A modern gift for the modern man

Modern men are more into their grooming than ever. The stigma around men who take care of their appearance is long gone. Spas now have such a large number of male clientele that they even provide treatments and packages specifically designed for men. Even if a male in your life isn’t too careful with preening and grooming, a pampering gift could be the encouragement they need! If anything, it could be a significant learning experience.

5.   Trying something new

A pampering gift offers a male loved one the opportunity to try something new. Break the norm from the traditional gifts and experiences they are used to, and perhaps even tempt them out of their comfort zone with a pampering gift. A spa day or pampering experience is unlikely to be something that they would consider treating themselves to, so you will be giving them an experience they might not ever have had the opportunity to enjoy otherwise.

6.    Spend some quality time together

If you’re trying to find a gift for the special man in your life, a pampering gift not only provides an opportunity to treat them with some TLC, but could also be a great excuse for the both of you to spend some quality time together. If going to dinner or the cinema is the only thing you tend to do for your romantic dates, it’s time to change that up! There’s nothing quite like a couples massage, chilling in a hot tub and lapping up the steam room to add some spark to a relationship. Plus, that means this luxurious gift can provide benefits for both of you.

Every guy deserves to be pampered

A pampering gift may never have been top of your gift list for a male loved one before, but it should certainly be right up there now! Despite any thoughts, doubts or fears you may have, the recipient is sure to absolutely love the experience….and they will love you even more for giving it to them! Not sure which spa to choose? Let him decide himself – simply get him a Spa & Wellness Gift Card, and he can use it at hundreds of participating outlets across Australia.

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Laurie Iacuone

Laurie Iacuone

As a busy mum of two and National Partners Manager of Spa & Wellness Gift Card, Laurie knows just how important it is to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and find some “me time” amongst it all. Laurie lives by her daily pre-work ritual of visiting Kaya Health Club Prahran for a Pilates Reformer class, which ensures a great start to a productive day. Her other favourite ways to relax and test out some of our partners include massages, facials, pedicures, hot baths, reading a book in the sun, dining out and spending time with family.