We all have skin problems at some point – the only difference being the skin type. The facial that works for your best friend may not be as suitable for you. So, depending on your complexion, here are the treatments that you might want to try out:

  1. Carrot and Coconut Mask: Make a puree out of one carrot and add some coconut oil to the mix. Apply it on your face for about 20 minutes – and then rinse. The treatment is perfect for dry skin.

    Blackhead Busting Mask: If you are plagued by acne and blackheads, make a mask out of Bentonite clay, activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar, and water. It will cleanse the skin’s pores while reducing the inflammation.

  2. Anti-Aging Pumpkin Mask: If your skin looks aged and tired, make a mask out of cooked pumpkin, raw honey, and some vitamin E. This will instantly rejuvenate the skin. Plus, if your complexion is prone to acne, you can add some apple cider vinegar.

  3. Seaweed Face Mask: Clogged pores can lead to a variety of conditions, which is why a detoxifying face mask should be done. Takes some bladder wrack powder, some honey, and some water – and turn it into a facial.

  4. Chocolate Mask: Chocolate is not only delicious; it is also a great anti-aging product. Melt some cacao powder with some avocado, raw honey, and cinnamon – and you’ll get a great facial for a variety of conditions.

These facials will make you look fabulous for your next dinner, party, wedding, etc. So, make sure you take them into consideration and give yourself some pamper-time.